You will be amazed at what tools Cindex can repair. In those exceptional cases where economical repair is not feasible, we will advise.

Why should I choose Cindex?

That's easy. Since 1960 all we have ever done is Indexable Tool Repair. We do not sell components, we do not grind or sharpen tooling. We just concentrate on being the absolute best tool repair company in the country. We have specialized machinery, the latest technology and the experienced professionals that are required to repair your valuable tooling.

Is it really worth repairing inexpensive tooling?

Yes, even relatively inexpensive lathe and boring tooling are worth repairing. Why? Because we have the machines and fixturing present to handle the job. There are no minimums either. If saving money is your goal, then why not save money on all your tooling. We will not cherry pick any order; we repair every tool we possible can.

Will the repaired tool last like a new tool?

Yes, as long as the guy who smashed it the first time doesn't do it again. Generally new tools are around 40 Rockwell. They key is in the welding. We primarily TIG weld with various filler metals that most closely relate to the original metals. To say repaired tools are soft is just inaccurate as long as it is welded correctly.

Is it necessary to send prints and components?

Cindex has all the needed hardware for standard tooling. In the case of specials, it’s advisable to send the necessary hardware and print, if available.

Repaired Tools are too soft!

Not true, at least not Cindex’s repaired tools. Why? Because we TIG weld with various stainless wire which is actually harder than the original tool steel. The tools are then allowed to air cool naturally.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. Cindex guarantees all repairs to be free of defects in workmanship and material. A Cindex repaired tool not only looks new, but works like new. If you are not completely satisfied we will rush any rework back to you at no additional cost. Any defects will be repaired at no additional charge.

How long will it take?

Normally 3-4 weeks with special orders expedited for a minimal fee. Cindex will provide an itemized price quote within 24 hours of receipt of your tools. We then maintain a consistent three to four week turnaround. If you have an emergency need we will expedite any order to meet your schedule for a minimal fee. Please send blueprints and/or all necessary hardware with your special and custom tooling.

How much will it cost?

In general on standard tooling you will see a cost savings of 50% or greater over buying new. With special tooling and some style milling cutters you could see savings in excess of 65%. Tool modifications are priced individually.

How do I determine which tools can be repaired?

You will be amazed at what tools Cindex can repair. Empty the scrap barrel and check the bottom drawer, then ship the tooling to us. Better yet, have us send you a Cindex "Recycling Pail" to make shipping your damaged tools even easier. leave it to the specialists at Cindex to determine what tools can be repaired. In those exceptional cases where economical repair is not feasible, we will advise.

What tools can Cindex repair?

Any type of carbide or ceramic insertable tooling from such manufacturers as Sandvik, Kennametal, Waukesha, Ingersoll, Valenite, Carboloy, Metcut, Iscar, Mitsubishi, Komet and RTW to name just a few.